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Ms. Houston


Well. They do say that the best defense is a good offense.

MS. HOUSTON APPARENTLY DOESN'T NEED TO ADHERE TO STUDENT DISABILITY LAWS, ACCORDING TO HER. Being hospitalized? Yeah, doesn't mean she has to let us make up work! :DDD It's not even just me! SHE'S DONE THIS WITH AT LEAST TWO STUDENTS.

So really, this is the last straw. If any of you have had problems with her, please write up eloquent G-rated complaints. Please only try to keep this about what she has done to you personally. Hearsay will not help our case. Along with a few other upperclassmen, I plan on going to speak to Dr. Jones by the end of the week. If you could give me your complaints at school or email them to polysamachan@gmail.com, I would really super appreciate it. I'd prefer not to just go to Dr. Jones with 'I heard this', 'I heard that'. (Also, tell your friends~. I know that she's been horrible to a lot of kids.) If any of the juniors or seniors would like to help me put together a pitch for Dr. Jones, I'd really appreciate it. I don't really want to go see him alone. Not nearly so imposing that way.

This woman needs to be stopped. I have seen her make kids cry more times than I'd care to relate, and have been offended in every way possible. So. Write up complaints. Try to be specific. We'll try to make the administration see this our way. >.> Lord knows that enough teachers leave--may as well be one that needs to this time.



PS AND EDIT: ALSO GUYS, plz to not be telling her we're doing this? It would not be conducive to happy-fun class periods.
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