Justin Oaky (justsketch) wrote in msa_high,
Justin Oaky

Leaving? Maybe.

All in all I have not really been happy with the Art program at MSA. Ms. (Or should I say Mrs. now?) Seydel was trying hard, but all in all it's nothing I can't do on my own. There are no models, we can't use oil paints, and the foundations and lessons the kids should be learning just aren't present. Not to mention the lack of an AP course or something. We are an art school and yet most public schools even have an AP art course, where kids don't sit and talk and act stupid all day.

Either way, I am contemplating going to Palmetto. I don't know anyone my age withing about 3 miles. I haven't gone to a "friends house" or "out to play" or "to the movies or the mall or the beach or just to hang out" in far too long. There are only like 350 Highschoolers at MSA, about half I never see. The middle schoolers are a bigger pest than I have realized. The school busses are just hell to go through, 3 complete different busses, having to leave an hour and half before school starts, then waiting for a bus to arrive in the afternoon, then being the last stop. No thanks.

Palmetto, among all the bad I've "heard" about it, offers enough good for me to stand any gang violence or racism or bad teachers, if there are really any there. Palmetto offers me
-Clothing freedom
-More friends
-Equivilant art program
-school sports
-more time after school for a Job, or to work on art
-an Art club, which I can contribute to. No teachers at MSA have the time to sponsor a club.
-Less hours
-more enjoyable hours
-Friends are much closer to home
-no middle schoolers
-no middle schoolers
-1 bus.
-no middle schoolers
-More experiences to enjoy with friends, who live closer.

Alot of people don't realize that art is storytelling, so what fun is it with no stories to tell? I never have fun any more unless I'm doing art or playing Counter-strike late at night. I talk to some people alot, but we still never hang out. The last really fun thing I did with anyone in recent memory was the summer a year ago, there was a beach party with alot of us (Shawn, Subrinea Christopher, David Christopher, Topher, Heather, Juste, etc.) and afterwards I got to go to a party with Andrew Rimer and Bobby. That was the last really fun night I had with people from MSA, and I can't take it anymore!

So if you don't see me around, well, later =)
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